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Vauxhall OnStar – Meet Your Guardian Angel

Safer driving with Vauxhall Motability

Included for our Motability car customers on selected models*, and so simple to use, you can rely on Vauxhall OnStar for assistance on every journey. With a wide range of useful services and clever features accessible from the driving seat, it’s designed to make every journey safer and less complicated.


With Vauxhall OnStar on-board, providing constant entertainment, navigation assistance and real-time traffic information - every journey is effortless. And for added safety, Vauxhall OnStar also has a full range of features designed to help you in every situation.

Guiding you in the right direction


Simply by pressing a button on the overhead console, you can speak to a trained Vauxhall OnStar advisor anytime, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


We can provide a navigation destination or answer any queries that you have. So if you need to know where the nearest fuel station is, or are just looking for somewhere to have lunch, we can point you in the right direction. The GPS locator linked to your Vauxhall sat-nav system†, means that the team know exactly where you are when you make contact, and can download the information directly to your car, minimising your time spent looking. Practical and effortlessly simple.

OnStar by your side

In the event of an accident when the car's airbags are deployed, Vauxhall OnStar will be activated instantly and open a direct line to a trained advisor. If needed, they will immediately dispatch the emergency services on your behalf, with an accurate location of your car, while remaining on the phone to reassure and update you.


And if you need urgent medical assistance or if you break down, Vauxhall OnStar is there too. What’s more, if your car has been stolen, OnStar can immobilise the engine and assist the police with its recovery using GPS positioning.

Always connected

Making your journey even more comfortable, not to mention enjoyable, Vauxhall OnStar also provides a fast and stable Wi-Fi hotspot with 4G connectivity for up to seven mobile devices in one car**. So your passengers can stay connected to their smartphones and laptops on the move. And for added entertainment, you can enjoy Apple Carplay and Android Auto, available through the IntelliLink infotainment system.


A smartphone app enables you to stay fully connected at all times. With a single tap on your phone, you can control your car remotely, whether it’s locking the doors or honking the horn so you can locate it more easily in an unfamiliar place - it’s designed to help make life a little easier.


What’s more, at the push of a button, Vauxhall OnStar can also remotely check and provide diagnostic data such as your tyre pressures, engine transmission levels and oil level. At your request, this information can be sent in a monthly email. A good way to prepare yourself for a long trip. If a warning light appears, simply press the service button and a Vauxhall OnStar advisor can diagnose the problem remotely and even book you in for a service at a Vauxhall dealer if necessary.

What people are saying about onstar

OnStar is really impressive. Not only do you have someone on call 24/7 in case of an emergency. You also get a nifty phone app that connects to your car. With the app you can check to see how your car is doing, see how much fuel you have left, check your tyre pressure and check where you have parked you car - Mark, Crawley


The wifi feature is amazing, we all love it! - Laura, Liverpool


OnStar is amazing, really helpful and happy to help - Philip, Liverpool


Superb, makes you feel safer - John, Doncaster


To see our full range of Motability vehicles, models and offers and which ones have the advantage of having OnStar included as standard, please see our Motability Contract Hire Price Guide.

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