Our Electric Mission

Vauchall Electric - Electrifying Britain

We're accelerating residential on-street charging across the country.
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For us, electric isn't a future trend. It's the here and now, and the centre of everything we do.

We’re electrifying the UK's favourite businesses


Seen a Vivaro Electric on the road recently? Well, that's part of Vauxhall's ongoing strategy to electrify Britain's businesses. We supply some of the UK's best-loved and most-recognised brands with electric vehicles. After helping British Gas on their way to achieving their goal of a 100% electric fleet by 2030, we've also supplied other favourites such as BT, Network Rail, Tesco, Mitie and Riverford with all-electric vehicles.

We’re providing on-street charging infrastructure

We realise that a lack of on-street charging is a significant problem. Without it, many are prevented from accessing the most affordable and convenient way of charging an electric vehicle.


To tackle the issue, we've partnered with leading street charging operators – Connected Kerb, and Surecharge, to launch a pioneering multi-year programme designed to make sure motorists without driveways are not left behind in the transition to electric.

We’re building electric vehicles in the UK

Our Ellesmere Port plant in the UK is the first manufacturing site within the Stellantis group to exclusively build all-electric vehicles.


We’re investing £100 million in electric production in the UK, and our aim is for Ellesmere Port to be carbon neutral by 2025. It’s all exciting news!

We partner with electric pioneers

Tesco Partnership

Free charging at Tesco stores nationwide with all new retail electric vehicle orders


Vauxhall is partnering with supermarket giant, Tesco, to provide new Vauxhall electric vehicle customers with one year’s free charging credit at stores across the UK.


Tesco stores are found within a 10-minute drive for over 70% of the UK population, allowing greater ease and convenience for electric vehicle drivers across the UK.

Octopus Energy & Electroverse

Everything you need to charge from Octopus Energy.


Whether you’re getting set up to charge at home with an Ohme home charger and Intelligent Octopus, or looking to charge on the go with the one-app-access charging network Electroverse, Octopus Energy has a solution for you.


Community charging. 


We've partnered with JustPark^, the leading parking provider to help those without a home charger find one nearby.  And for those with a home charger to be able to rent it out and help more people to make the move to electric – as well as earning themselves some money in the process.  


We’re making the switch to electric easy

We know it can be daunting to make the switch to electric, that's why our Plug & Go offer is designed to give you peace-of-mind electric driving from day 1.


With every new electric vehicle purchase, we'll give you a free home charging wallbox (including installation), 8 years battery warranty, 3 years servicing and access to Octopus Intelligent Go services, the UK’s largest public charging network.

We're continuing to innovate

Not only are we leading from the front with electric, but we're also leading the way with hydrogen.


From 2025, Vauxhall will begin selling its new zero-emissions van, the Vivaro Hydrogen. This fuel cell electric vehicle will combine long range with quick recharging, helping make the switch to electric stress-free.

We'll be all-electric by 2028

The UK Government has banned the sale of petrol and diesel-powered new vehicles from 2030, and will only allow zero emissions-in-use vehicles from 2035. But we’re not waiting until then.


From 2028, Vauxhall will only sell 100% electric cars and vans, seven years ahead of the government deadline.

We’re leading from the front with electric.

2012 to now 

Vauxhall's electric history 

March 2011

Vauxhall launches the Ampera, the first electric car with an extended range from a European manufacturer

March 2012

Ampera wins European Car of the Year

November 2019

Vauxhall launch Corsa-e, Vauxhall's first fully-electric vehicle

December 2019

Grandland X Hybrid is launched, Vauxhall's first plug-in hybrid vehicle

July 2020

Vivaro-e is launched, Vauxhall's first fully-electric van

October 2020

Corsa-e wins The Sun's Car of the Year award for 2020

Janurary 2021

Vivaro-e is crowned 2021 International Van of the Year, also receiving accolades from WhatCar and Auto Express

April 2021

Combo-e and Movano-e are launched, completing Vauxhall's fully electrified van line-up, quickly making Vauxhall the best selling electric van brand in the UK

March 2021

Vauxhall launch our first ever fully-electric SUV, the popular Mokka-e

May 2021

Vauxhall announce Vivaro-e HYDROGEN, the UK's first fuel cell powered van, arriving in 2023

July 2021

Vauxhall announces that our Ellesmere Port manufacturing site will be the first all-electric manufacturing facility within the Stellantis group, with an investment of £100m

July 2021

Vauxhall announces that by 2028, customers will only be able to buy fully-electric new cars and vans, 2 years ahead of the UK Government deadline

September 2021

Vauxhall announces all-new Astra, with a hybrid variant from launch, and a fully electric version from 2023