Charging in Public

Charging in public

Today, a driver in the UK is never more than 25 miles away from a rapid charge-point on England's motorways and major A roads. Public charging is growing, fast.

Find your nearest public charging points using our tool below.

Public charging speeds

When you’re charging at home, you’ll get the same charging speed every time. But in public, different charging points will have different speeds. You’ll find two types of chargers in public charge-points: fast chargers, and rapid chargers.


Fast chargers, which tend to be 22kW, will give an 80% charge on a Corsa-e in 3 hrs 20 min. Rapid chargers, (most commonly found on motorways or major A roads) can be anything from 100kW and will give you 80% in 30 minutes. You can use our charging time simulator to see how different power outlets will affect your charging speed.


When you’re out-and-about, tools like Zap Map are really useful. They’ll help you quickly find your nearest charge-point, the speed of the charge-point, and reviews from electric vehicle owners who have charged there recently.

Public charging costs

Generally, rapid chargers will be the most expensive way of charging in public, with a full charge on an average rapid charger (£0.23 per kWh) costing £11.50 for a Corsa-e. However, that’s still cheaper than filling up a full tank of petrol or diesel. So even at the most expensive public charge-points, you’re still saving on running costs when you switch to electric.


There are also different charging networks that you’ll come across when charging in public, and this might mean using a mobile app to charge your vehicle at a public charging point. Again, this is where tools like Zap Map can be really handy - you can filter on networks that you’re familiar with.


Some public fast chargers will be free, so you’ll quickly find your preferred public charging locations in your local area. And your Vauxhall electric vehicle will be compatible with all common public charge-points, so you won’t need to buy any additional charging equipment to charge in public.

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As part of our Plug & Go offer, your Vauxhall electric vehicle gives you a free six month subscription to BP Pulse - the UK's biggest public charging network. So you're never far away and that means you can spend less time worrying about charging and more time enjoying your journey. After six months, you pay just £7.85 a month.

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