Tackle Tough Terrain With Vauxhalls New Combo Cargo 4x4



As the only small 4x4 van on the LCV market, Combo Cargo 4x4 gives Vauxhall an excellent opportunity to grow in sectors including agriculture, construction and telecoms/communications.



Traction experts Dangel carry out the 4x4 conversion and it is priced from £34,660 excluding VAT. Dangel were deeply involved during the design and development of the new Combo Cargo 4x4. The steering and suspension systems are optimised for all-wheel drive and installed at the vehicle assembly plant for maximum efficiency.



Using a simple rotary switch on the instrument panel, drivers can choose between two drive modes – AUTO 4WD and ECO 2WD. In AUTO 4WD, the 4x4 is engaged, shifting part of the torque to the rear axle as soon as the front wheels begin to lose grip. In ECO 2WD mode, the 4x4 system is disengaged and the Combo Cargo 4x4 switches to front-wheel drive only, reducing fuel consumption, emissions and tyre wear.



In even more demanding conditions, drivers can select ‘R’ Lock mode to lock the rear axle. A limited-slip rear differential for maintaining traction in the severest driving conditions is optional.



The 4x4 Combo Cargo comes with the active safety of ESP, engine and gearbox protection, and 90mm higher ground clearance as standard. Additional protection for the fuel tank and rear axle, as well as 20mm higher ground clearance (for a total of up to 205mm) are optionally available with 4x4 Plus Pack. With approach and departure angles of 26.6 and 38.3 degrees respectively, and a break-over angle of 26 degrees, the Combo Cargo 4x4 can climb 41-degree gradients.