Plug-in Hybrid

Plug-in Hybrid Cars

Find out what a Plug-in Hybrid powertrain can do for you

Plug-in Hybrid Cars

Find out what a Plug-in Hybrid powertrain can do for you

Plug-in Hybrid Cars

What is plug-in hybrid?

Plug-in hybrid cars offer you the choice and flexibility to begin your journey into electric driving with the reassurance of knowing that you have a modern petrol or diesel engine to back up for those longer range journeys.
Plug-in hybrid vehicles (or PHEV for short) are powered by a combustion engine and a battery-powered engine to offer greater flexibility. The electric battery is charged using mains power.
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How do plug-in hybrid cars work?

Here's the technical part...

Plug-in Hybrid

PHEV's offer you the ability to do shorter journeys using the electric motor only (the Astra offers 43 miles of electric range, WLTP - EAER) which is plenty for the average day-to-day drive.
Once the battery range has been used, the hybrid technology switches to the conventional petrol/diesel engine.
One way to get more range from the electric battery of your PHEV is to drive in B-mode, which means the regenerative braking system returns most of the energy from braking back to your battery.

Plug-in Hybrid Driving - The Benefits

Best of both worlds

The average daily drive sits comfortably within the range available from the Vauxhall plug-in hybrid models.


However, for those extra long journeys, switch to petrol/diesel and sit back in comfort knowing you don’t need to stop to charge. Charge your PHEV at home with a wallbox or home charging cable using a standard plug socket.

Low emissions

In 100% electric mode, plug-in hybrids are zero emissions, which means you can drive in total comfort and peace of mind day to day.


Charging daily allows this to be the norm, meaning you’re doing your bit for the environment while benefiting from spending less at the pump.

Get connected

Using the MyVauxhall app, you can plan journeys, receive traffic updates, book your next scheduled service and access your handbook.


But with a plug-in hybrid, you can also use the e-Remote control feature; pre-condition your cabin temperature before journeys helping to maximise your PHEV’s charge and range. Also pre-schedule charging times at night to benefit from cheaper electricity.


Discover Plug-in Hybrid Cars

Convinced a plug-in hybrid is for you? Meet the models to choose from


The award-winning Astra is the future of driving. With a revolutionary redesign, this hatchback features the new forward-looking signature Vizor offering a sporty stance.


Inside it gets better, with a digitally-detoxed Pure Panel®, streamlining the driver information you can relax into the ergonomic active front seats* while enjoying the latest technology keeping you connected and safe.


Also available in 100% electric or petrol/diesel engines.

Astra Sports Tourer

A perfect family sized plug-in hybrid car – the Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer is big on looks, comfort, practicality and safety.


The Sports Tourer offers space, featuring smarter loading using our innovative Intelli-Space system. A maximum capacity of 1,634 litres you won’t be short on room. As well as this, the latest technology is available including Extended Head-up Display, Adaptive Cruise Control and Intelli-Drive 1.0 systems.


Also available in petrol. 


The plug-in hybrid SUV ready for all your adventures.


Standout from the crowd with stylish design and two-tone roof/ body combinations while a driver-focused interior features a 7 or 10” Pure Panel colour infotainment touchscreen with a 7 or 12” digital instrument cluster.


With up to 1,652 litres of space you can be sure this plug-in hybrid SUV works for you. All the details are possible for you to choose from with fully-heated windscreen, heated seats plus powered tailgate and more.


Also available in petrol or diesel.