Offers & Finance


Offers and Finance can be confusing. So SPOTiCAR have made it easier than ever to get on the road with a quality approved used vehicle.

Retain, renew, return
Choose to retain, renew or return your Vauxhall at the end of your agreement.
Shorter period finance
Fund your car over a shorter period than traditional finance, so you may be able to change it more often.
Optional final payment
Protection against any fall in used car prices with the Optional Final Payment.

How does it work?

1. Choose any Approved Used Vauxhall​


2. Estimate your annual mileage​​


3. We estimate the minimum your car will be worth at the end of your agreement - Optional Final Payment​


4. We calculate your monthly payments


5. Drive away the moment we activate your agreement

Personal Contract Purchase

Who doesn’t love flexibility? With this plan, you can keep your monthly repayments lower by holding off the guaranteed future value (GFV) of the vehicle until the end of the term.


At the end of the term you can then decide to: pay the final payment and own the vehicle, part exchange it for a new Vauxhall, or simply return the vehicle.

You have flexibility to choose what to do at the end of the term.
You can change your vehicle often and drive the latest models
Due to the option of the GFV payment at the end of the term, your monthly payments will be lower.

Conditional Sale

Why not buy your dream SPOTiCAR approved used Vauxhall by spreading the cost over an agreed term?


With this plan, you simply pay a deposit, sign the agreement documents and drive away your Vauxhall. When you’ve made all the monthly repayments, the vehicle is yours.

You'll own the Vauxhall outright at the end of your loan agreement
You can choose to repay your loan over a 1-5 year period
You can budget easily, as your payments are fixed for the agreement term and there's no large final payment at the end of the term

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