Motor Codes


Motor Industry Code of Practice for New Cars

The New Car Code of Practice sets out the standards that vehicle manufacturers comply with for:
New car warranties
Availability of replacement parts
Complaint handling

Motor Industry Code of Practice for Service & Repair

Our approved retailers and repairers are committed to an open, transparent and fair way of doing business. They have subscribed to the Motor Industry’s Code of Practice for Service & Repair, and committed to:
Honest and fair services
Open and transparent pricing
Completing work as agreed
Invoices that match quoted prices
Competent and conscientious staff
A straightforward, swift complaints procedure

Complaints Handling

We have a complaint handling procedure that you can use to try and resolve any dispute. We’ll do our best to get it resolved quickly and efficiently.


If you’re not satisfied following the conclusion of Vauxhall’s complaint handling procedure, it’s recommended that you contact The Motor Ombudsman (“TMO”) who is a certified alternative dispute resolution provider.


And if we’re found to be in breach of The Motor Industry Code of Practice for New Cars, TMO offers a free Adjudication Service to help resolve the dispute and where necessary an Ombudsman will give a final decision which is binding on both parties if you chose to accept it.

We’re fully committed to engage in the TMO procedures in order to try to resolve any dispute through alternative dispute resolution.


You can find further information about the TMO procedures through The Motor Ombudsman website at Alternatively you can contact The Motor Ombudsman Information Line on 0345 2413008.