Hatchback Cars

Hatchback Cars

Enjoy compact size combined perfectly with plenty of space

Hatchback Cars

Enjoy compact size combined perfectly with of space

Hatchback Cars

Comfortable. Reliable. Spacious.

Hatchback cars and small hatchback cars continue to offer comfort, reliability and enough space to cater for a full car of people. Whether you’re in town, the country or on the motorway check out our stylish electric or plug-in hybrid hatchback options as well.

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The perfect size combo

Hatchback cars are often smaller than other styles such as saloons or estates, but offer the perfect balance between compact style and roomy interior space.


What makes a hatchback car? Quite simply it’s the way you access the boot as they usually have a larger area for loading in the boot and it’s hinged from the top, often with a parcel shelf inside.

A perfect family vehicle, a hatchback car is often affordable to buy, cheaper to run than other styles and make for an enjoyable and fashionable ride all round.
Go Electric

Alongside our electric mission for every model in our line up to be electrified by 2024 you’ll find your favourite hatchback cars now available in electric or hybrid powertrains.


The small hatchback Corsa is now available in petrol and fully electric, while the Astra is available in petrol/diesel, full electric and plug-in hybrid. Plus the Astra GSe offers a performance line or ‘hot hatch’, also available as a plug-in hybrid.


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New Corsa

The new signature Vauxhall Vizor makes it way on to the UK’s best-selling small hatchback, with a bold new exterior and interior design, available in petrol & full electric.


Inside, New Corsa comes with an improved 10-inch touchscreen, 7-inch digital driver instrument cluster and wireless charging.


Packed with the latest technology, the New Corsa comes with many safety and driving features such as a panoramic rear view camera, adaptive cruise control, lane assist and much much more.


Nothing short of choice, the Astra is available in petrol, diesel, plug-in hybrid and fully electric.


It gives you brilliant handling, high speed stability and superb safety standards.


With an eye catching sporty exterior this is perfectly coupled with the latest interior features including the improved digitally detoxed Pure Panel® that streamlines driver information.


The Astra isn’t afraid of the latest technology. It is full of state of the art features that enhance your driving pleasure while ensuring maximum safety.

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