New Vauxhall Mokka Campaign Empowers Drivers to ‘Unbox Themselves’


30 - March
  • Striking new “Unbox Yourself” campaign launched
  • Features all-new Mokka and all-electric Mokka-e models

Luton - Vauxhall Motors has unveiled its striking new “Unbox Yourself” campaign to launch its all-new Mokka and all-electric Mokka-e models, which feature pioneering design and innovative technologies.


The multi-channel campaign capitalises on the vehicles’ ingenious technology and stand-out design, to grab the attention of those drivers who prefer to choose their own way.


“Unbox Yourself” talks directly to drivers who know their own mind and refuse to be boxed in - those who want to join Vauxhall on its forward-thinking journey and push boundaries. The campaign brings to life this determination not to be pigeonholed in an engaging, visually arresting and humorous way, whilst highlighting the car’s stand-out features, such as the unmistakable new Vauxhall Vizor and signature Pure Panel system.


The hero TV ad, which sits are the heart of the 360 campaign, depicts a world of human pigeons, those who follow the crowd or are scared to take a different path. Unlike the driver of an all-new Mokka or all-electric Mokka-e, who is impossible to pigeonhole, just like the modern styling and innovative technology of the car. In addition to TV, the campaign will also run across VOD, OOH, radio, dynamic digital audio, digital, social and PR.


Stephen Norman, Senior Vice-President, Sales, Aftersales and Marketing for Opel/Vauxhall worldwide: “The Mokka and all-electric Mokka-e are a huge leap forward in terms of design, and set an exciting benchmark for Vauxhall as a brand. Packed with game changing new features, they also look like no other compact SUV on the market. While there are cues which relate to Vauxhall's heritage as a British Brand since 1903, this is a bold and exciting new direction that we are extremely proud of.”


Paul Dean, Managing Director of Velocity, said: “The all new Mokka and all-electric Mokka-e are ready to challenge the status quo with their ingenious tech and stand-out style. Their progressive designs not only represent a departure from the model’s previous look and feel, but also signify an exciting new direction for Vauxhall as a brand.


“Unbox Yourself captures this new attitude by speaking directly to those drivers, who just like the all-new Mokka range, are confidently doing their own thing and are not constrained by convention or the past. It’s assured, clear and empowering, and opens up the world of modern motoring for the ordinary British driver.”


Inspiring the creative approach for this campaign the all-new Mokka and all-electric Mokka-e present a forward-thinking shape of the future and progressive philosophy that’s different to any Vauxhall that has gone before and are set to open up a new world of modern motoring for British drivers.


The Mokka features new design innovations from Vauxhall in the unmistakable look of the Vauxhall Vizor and Pure Panel. In addition, the new Mokka offers state-of-the-art tech through digital display  and assistance systems. With this new bold look and tech first design it’s impossible to put the all-new Mokka range in the ‘Just another car’ box.


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