ecoTEC Benefits


Economical, efficient, powerful – by design

Whether you’re a company car driver, running a fleet of vehicles or a private buyer, we know you need the most economical and efficient cars to help you improve fuel consumption, as well as keep CO2 emissions, Company Car Tax and Whole Life Costs as low as possible.

Our range of ecoTEC ‘Whisper Diesel’ and Turbo petrol engines is designed to offer you our highest mpg and lowest emission cars, with the longest range, and all while continuing to fuel driving enjoyment and powerful engine performance of up to 140PS.

ecoTEC. Refined and powerful driving for less

Whether you’re a business, company car driver or a private buyer, we know that the cost of your car and the environment both matter to you.


Our ecoTEC technology works in harmony with our highly refined engines to deliver combined MPG figures of up to 70.6 and CO2 from just 105g/km – helping to keep fuel costs to a minimum, reduce whole life costs for businesses and deliver much lower taxation for company car drivers.


Whether you’re running an ecoTEC diesel or Turbo petrol engine you can expect a refined, economical and powerful driving experience.

Save on whole life costs and company car tax

With models starting from the 22% Benefit-in-Kind tax band and offering large tax savings for Company Car Drivers and Fleets, we understand that when it comes to fleet performance, the bottom line is, well, the bottom line. Vauxhall ecoTEC technology is designed to elevate fleet economy by significantly lowering Whole Life Cost and Benefit-in-Kind tax.

And, with impressive fuel economy of up to 70.6mpg and CO2 emissions from just 105g/km, you can rely on ecoTEC to deliver reduced tax and fuel bills. Discover more about Whole Life Costs.  

Drive significant efficiencies with ecoTEC

Vauxhall ecoTEC combines super-efficient diesel and Turbo petrol engines with engineering innovations like enhanced aerodynamics, Start/Stop technology, low rolling resistance tyres, lightweight alloy wheels and dashboard technologies.


ecoTEC drives significant fleet efficiencies by lowering and monitoring fuel and energy consumption and COemissions, offering an extensive choice of highly efficient, long-range models that go further for less.