Astra VIP Experience

Book your All-new Astra Test Drive

The All-new Astra comes to the UK in May. So why not take the chance to test-drive our latest and striking new Astra at our special VIP experience? We will be touring throughout the UK between the 23rd May and 23rd June 2022.


Our touring expert team will personally take you around the Astra Plug-in HYBRID-e. You’ll see its bold new design, including the iconic Vizor grille and Pure Panel digital cockpit. We’ve created this one-to-one experience so you can explore at your own speed and have all your questions answered. If you want to find out more prior to visit, please click on EXPLORE MORE below.


You can then take the wheel to enjoy a smooth, powerful drive.* Experience three driving modes and a regenerative braking boost, which enables the 12.4kW lithium-ion battery to deliver an electric range of up to 43 miles (WLTP - EAER) on a fully-charged battery.


This is a one-off opportunity and spaces are limited, so please book now!


Tight on time?

If you can't make it to one of the VIP experiences, the Virtual showroom is your go-to solution. See the all-new Astra up close and personal with your own one-to-one live tour with our product experts. Whether you want to see the all-new pure panel and infotainment system, the new driver instrument cluster or front vizor, or even how many suitcases you can fit in the boot.


Whatever your question, our experts are there to help every day from 12pm - 8pm.

How to enter the Virtual Showroom

Enter your details
First, enter your details and then click on the link provided by one of our product assistants. There’s no need to download an app to get into the showroom.
Switch on your microphone
Once you've clicked on the link you're ready for your tour. Please accept the request to enable your microphone, that way we can hear you. But don’t worry, we can’t see you, unless you turn on your camera.
You're in the showroom!
Welcome, you’re now in the showroom and all set for your very own personalised live tour. One of our product assistants will take it from here and answer any questions.