We'll keep updating this as we continue to make progress

Why is Vauxhall doing this?

 We’re committed to only selling fully electric cars and vans from 2028.  And we want everyone in the UK to be able to make the switch to electric – our electric cars and vans can only be relevant to everyone if they can be charged by everyone.

What will Vauxhall do?

We’re building up a single map of where the demand for on-street chargers really exists across the UK.  That data will then help councils to make informed decisions as to where best to use their resources so that more people in their area can move to electric – and therefore contribute to reducing local emissions. 


We’re also supporting our chargepoint operators with an enablement fund.  This will help to both educate those councils that require it on charging and electric vehicles as well as also engage with local communities so they understand what on-street charging options are available to them.

What if I don’t own or plan to buy a Vauxhall?

We don’t mind - you can register your street regardless of the make or model of car you drive or plan to drive. We are aiming to improve on-street charging provision for all motorists – not just Vauxhall customers.

How long does it take to install a lamp post or bollard charge point?

A lamp post charger can be installed in 30-60 minutes. A bollard typically takes 2-4 hours, plus any time required to work on the surrounding electric infrastructure.

With all these extra chargers – surely the national grid will go pop if we all plug in?

No, not according to the National Grid itself – the UK’s peak energy use was in 2002, since when we’ve managed to reduce our use by 16% thanks to efficiency gains. It estimates that even if everyone plugged in at the same time then use would only go back up 10%. Options already exist today to charge ‘smartly’ at off-peak times.  And, in time, the grid will be able to use electric car batteries themselves to store energy at off-peak times and return it at peak times, thereby helping to lower demand peaks.

Is the initiative open for other charging operators to get involved and support?

Yes.  Electric Streets is about democratising charging for everyone, so we’re keen to talk to any partners who may wish to support the initiative and who can make a positive contribution to getting more chargers in the right locations.

Did you know that Vauxhall will offer an all-electric version of every vehicle from 2024?

This is a huge step towards becoming a fully electric brand from 2028.


Today we already have a growing diverse electrified range already features five fully electric passenger car models, including Corsa Electric, Mokka Electric, Combo Life Electric and Vivaro Life Electric. These vehicles have recently been joined by Astra Electric, which is available to order now, and will be joined by the Astra Sports Tourer Electric later this year. 


Vauxhall is committed towards supporting the UK towards a net zero future. We are striving towards carbon neutrality by 2038 without compromise.





Did you that Vauxhall is the UK’s best-selling e-LCV manufacturer in the UK?

We have a fully electric van range to meet everyone’s needs.


We supply some of the UK's best-loved and most-recognised brands with electric vehicles. After helping British Gas on their way to achieving their goal of a 100% electric fleet by 2030, we've also supplied other favourites such as BT, Network Rail, Tesco, Mitie and Riverford with all-electric vehicles.


We’re committed to driving Britain to a brighter, electric future.


Our manufacturing plant in Ellesmere Port has been transformed to only manufacture all-electric vehicles with a sustainability focus on all aspects of the value chain.


Vauxhall has 120 years of proud manufacturing history in Britain and Ellesmere Port will produce the Vauxhall Combo Electric van whilst our Luton plant continues to manufacture the Vivaro model.  


Interestingly, LCV usage in urban areas is rising, partly due to the growth in demand for online delivery services, our zero-emissions-in-use Combo Electric vans will make a significant contribution to reducing emissions in towns and cities across the country.