Recycle Your Battery


At some point, the battery in your vehicle will reach the end of its life. Because of the toxic contents batteries contain, you should always recycle your car battery responsibly. Here’s what you can do.

Ask your garage to replace it

If the battery is replaced at your garage, they may be happy to take the old battery from you for recycling.

Take it to a recycling centre

Your local recycling centre will accept most types of household waste, including vehicle batteries, without charge.


Some businesses – such as licensed, authorised treatment facilities (vehicle dismantlers), metal recycling companies and other waste removal / treatment companies – might accept your battery without charge in return for the value of the scrap metal.

Contact your manufacturer

As a producer of automotive batteries under the Waste Batteries and Accumulators Regulations 2009, we, Vauxhall Motors Ltd, are obliged to collect on request, free of charge and within a reasonable time, our waste automotive batteries for treatment and recycling from final holders e.g. dealer, scrap yards, end-of-life vehicle Authorised Treatment Facilities, Civic Amenity Sites, etc. 


If you require support on the take back process of our automotive batteries (starter batteries), please contact us at The necessary arrangements for the collection, proper treatment and recycling of the waste automotive batteries will be undertaken.


Manufacturers of electrically powered or hybrid vehicles are obliged by law to arrange for the treatment and recycling of the batteries that power them when they become waste.


For advice about disposing of a battery for an electrically powered or hybrid car call 0800 026 0034 or email

All battery producers in the UK must be registered with the government as part of an EU-wide initiative to increase battery collection and recycling, and completely prohibit the landfill or incineration of automotive and industrial batteries. Vauxhall’s battery producer registration number is BPRN00474.

How Car Batteries are recycled