Free2Move Connect


Free2Move Connect Fleet is an online fleet management platform. With real-time data provided by on-board vehicle telematics, you have access to this business solution for optimised monitoring of your fleet.

Connect Box, our vehicle telematics system, is already fitted to many new Vauxhall commercial vehicles and cars as standard specification. If not standard on the vehicle of your choice, it can usually be ordered as a factory option, or fitted as an accessory box to your existing fleet. It's simply activated over-the-air when you subscribe to Connect Fleet.


F2M Connect Fleet offers many benefits and can be used in different ways depending on your own business needs. In particular, it enables you to:


  • Control operating costs by tracking mileage and fuel consumption

  • Optimise the activity of your field teams and optimise vehicle call-outs using geolocation

  • Simplify maintenance planning for your vehicles with automated tracking of service and maintenance alerts

  • Reduce risk through monitoring employees driving behaviour, with safety & eco-driving data and personalised advice

  • Improve transparency of time-led billing by proving how long your vehicle was on a site

  • Set custom reporting to suit your needs



Vauxhall has over 100 years of expertise in automotive technology. But it's through the Free2Move brand, that we offer a range of different mobility solutions for both private customers and businesses - such as vehicle rental, vehicle leasing, and vehicle telematics.

Free2Move Connect Fleet is a standalone telematics service, which can be purchased for any vehicle. If you also choose Free2Move for vehicle lease funding, Connect Fleet can be integrated so you only make one monthly payment for both your vehicle and telematics.


Pack 1 - Fleet Management


  • Tracking journey times and mileage
  • Mechanical alerts and remote diagnostic information in real time
  • Accurate assessment of fuel consumption and costs
  • Automated monitoring of maintenance and service cycles


12-month contracts

Pack 2 - Eco driving


Pack 1 features, plus:


  • Driving behaviour analysis (acceleration, hard braking, etc)
  • Customised eco-driving advice for the driver



12-month contracts

Pack 3 - Geolocation


Pack 2 features, plus:


  • Real-time GPS tracking of all vehicles in the fleet
  • Time-stamped tracking of the routes taken and analysis of downtime
  • Reduction in non-essential use with a set of configurable area entry/exit alerts


12-month contracts

For more information, please contact your local Fleet Sales Manager here or visit the Free2Move website here.