New Corsa



From £16,185

From 108-140g/km
Combined MPG Range
45.7 to 70.6 mpg

From 24%*


Introducing the all-new Corsa, our stylish 5 door city car. Bigger and better than ever, it features new engines (both petrol and diesel) and is designed to deliver low BiK and low operating costs. 


The most efficient Corsa ever

The all new Corsa weights a whopping 10% less than the current model. That saving helps improve performance and increase efficiency, resulting in less COemissions and a lower BiK rate. Steering is sharper too - handy for city driving.

Looking good

Take a second look. And maybe a twenty second look. The all-new Corsa is wider, lower and has a dynamic new design. Check out the bold shape, distinctive grille, bigger air intakes and integrated daytime running lights.

Room for more

Perfect for the inner you, and perfect for a busy day out of the office. Stay in-touch and stay connected using a host of high-tech infotainment equipment. The all-new Corsa also has more space inside and more room in the boot. The interior uses new lightweight materials for a refined look. And you can choose from a range of new infotainment systems featuring 7” and 10” colour touch screens. Stay a while.

Smart thinking

The all-new Corsa is packed with clever tech to keep you safer than ever. With traffic sign recognition, intelligent speed control and automatic emergency braking. Always looking out for you.

Don't dazzle

Leading light. The all-new Corsa is the first in its class to feature adaptive, glare-free ECO LED headlights. The LEDs adapt the full beam for approaching vehicles. That minimises glare but still provides maximum visibility for Corsa drivers. Brilliant.


Swipe across to compare engines
Fuel Type
Combined MPG range
BiK Rate from*
(2020/21 tax year)
1.5 (102PS) Turbo D Start/Stop BlueInjection
Diesel 108-117g/km 62.8 - 70.6mpg 24%
1.2 (75PS) Start/Stop
Petrol 125-133g/km 47.8 - 53.3mpg 28%
1.2 (100PS) Turbo Start/Stop
Petrol 125-134g/km 47.9 - 52.3mpg 28%
1.2 (100PS) Turbo Start/Stop Auto
Petrol 133-140g/km 45.6 - 48.7mpg



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