How Can I Get My Lifetime Warranty Re-Activated?

How can I get my Lifetime Warranty re-activated?

To keep your Lifetime Warranty cover valid, you need to take your vehicle to an authorised Vauxhall repairer every 12 months. They'll activate and validate the warranty extension for another year, starting 12 months after registration and then on each anniversary of registration.


We allow you a grace period of 14 days after the expiry date to get the warranty re-activated and validated.


By re-activating and validating your cover each year, we are confirming that your vehicle has been serviced in line with Vauxhall's recommended servicing schedules and using genuine Vauxhall parts, including oils. So we may request details of your service history at any time during the warranty period.


If you are having issues with re-activating your lifetime warranty then please call the Lifetime Warranty Helpdesk on: 0345 401 0210.