An industry first – remarketing of emergency services vehicles.

We know that Fleet Managers are always under pressure to increase efficiency and to reduce the costs of providing sufficient and suitable vehicles to officers and staff within their organisations. An area which can require extra resource with both labour and space is the process of decommissioning vehicles at the end of their service period and remarketing them through auction.

We have launched a service to our customers to assist Fleet Managers in this task. Aimed at reducing resource needs for Fleet Managers, and incorporating the reuse of high value equipment, our service can be tailored to suit your requirements.


Step 1 – Fleet manager contacts us with vehicle ID
Step 2 – We arrange collection for decommissioning
Step 3 – MOT and service carried out (if required)
Step 4 – Unwanted parts removed for reuse or returned
Step 5 – Vehicle repaired and prepared for auction