Mokka Griffin

Coming this spring, the Mokka Griffin Edition

Mokka Electric Griffin for £29,495. The new entry-point has an enhanced specification while offering a saving of £7,115 over Design trim.
Plus, select a free wallbox(1) or free public charging credit.(2)

The limited edition is back!
The Griffin edition includes all our latest design principles with the silver griffin bagding along the vizor grille to stand out from the crowd, plus it comes in a range of colours including Mamba Green, and a black roof. The electric drive is effortless with instant torque, plus you can set your climate before you go and plan your journey with charging stops using our built-in smart techololgy, paired through the MyVauxhall App.  
Mokka Griffin Features 
To support you in the tight spots the Griffin has a 180-degree panomaic rear-view camera and senses. While inside, the sculpted heated seats and steering wheel providing great comfort during even the longest of drives, and the large high-definition 7” digital instruments and 7” central display lets you bring your own smartphone media wirelessly via Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™.  

Plug and Go

Choose your model

Whether you are looking for something sporty or a model with all the tech, we have you covered.  Plus when you go electric and you’ll see monthly running cost savings, as well as doing good for the planet.


All of our Electric models come with 8 years/100,000 mile battery warranty(3).  For further added peace of mind, they also come with 3 years roadside assistance cover(4). This includes roadside, home service, relay and European assistance.


Make the most of your electric car/van with e-Remote using the MyVauxhall app. What is e-Remote?



Charging your vehicle
Choose one of the following: 

(1) Charge with ease at home with the a free Octopus Ohme Pro & Installation when you buy online. With the Intelligent Octopus Go specifically for EV drivers, enjoy award-winning customer service and economical EV charging rates, including six hours every night between 11:30pm and 05:30am.


(2) Charge with ease at public charging points, you can pick one of the following provider: 

  • *One year's free credit at Tesco via PodPoint Charging Network
  • **£675 credit using the Octopus Electroverse


3. Charge on the go
Octopus Electroverse have made public charging simple. One app, one bill, with zero added costs to access over 700,000 chargers across the UK and Europe.

If you’re an Octopus Energy home electricity customer, you can pay your public charging in a single bill. Plus, if you sign up to the Intelligent Octopus home energy tariff, you’ll benefit from an £10 credit on all public charge points in the UK.