Guide to Electric Vehicle Etiquette

When it comes to the electric vehicle revolution, drivers are uncertain about how to behave: in a recent survey, Vauxhall found that 70% of drivers felt that there was a lack of guidance about how to use public electric vehicle chargers and 77% of drivers reported that they were unclear about the etiquette relating to owning an electric vehicle.
Our new Guide, created in partnership with leading British etiquette expert Debrett's, aims to address these uncertainties, providing clear guidance on charging protocols, as well as some recommendations about good etiquette that will contribute to a pleasant and respectful electric vehicle experience.

Respect the Queue

Forming an orderly queue, and making sure you're neatly parked in designated bays, is a fundamental requirement when charging your electric vehicle. Friendly small talk with fellow electric vehicle drivers will make queue negotiations much more civilised.

Knowledge is Power

Get to know your electric vehicle and trust your dashboard information. You can rapidly achieve the magic figure of 80% charge, which is an effective way of getting back on the road as quickly as possible and clearing the electric vehicle charging station for other motorists.

Diplomatic Negotiations

How to navigate the queue, accommodate other motorists, and respectfully communicate with other electric vehicle drivers about gaining access to the charging point.

Know Your Rights

It's crucial to follow the rules and regulations for using electric vehicle charging bays, including adhering to the designated parking durations. These bays rely on self-regulation, so it's important for individual drivers to comply with the rules and respond cooperatively if any violations are brought to their attention.


Good Timekeeping

It is important to monitor your vehicle's projected charging time and to ensure that you return to the public charging point promptly, so you do not inconvenience other motorists. Placing a timing card in your windshield is a convenient way of notifying other drivers about the duration of your stay.

Prioritise Planning

You will get the most out of your electric vehicle and minimise delays and frustration if you plan ahead and ensure that your route is well supplied with charging stations.Targeted apps will help you find charging bays and access their availability.

Be Streetwise

Check the availability of public facilities, such as lamppost and bollard charging points. If you are running a cable to your home, you will need to check local rules and regulations and ensure that you are not creating a trip hazard for pedestrians.

Be a Good Electric Vehicle Guest

If you need to charge your electric vehicle at a host's house, remember to ask politely, follow their instructions carefully, and charge your vehicle when electricity is cheapest. It is a good idea to explore a range of local charging options before your visit so that you always have alternatives.

Help Fellow Electric Vehicle Drivers

Always leave the charging station looking neat and tidy. If you have encountered problems, report them to the charging point operator, or share information in one of the electric vehicle apps, which will alert your fellow electric vehicle drivers. Leaving a note on a defective charger is also helpful to other motorists.