A versatile performer. Packed with features. Impressive payload. Interior comfort. And now a 100% electric model added to the line-up. Find out more. 

Body styles & shapes

For every business


The Movano gives you choice. Lots of it. Four different lengths and three heights across two different ranges:


  • Panel Van, Crew Van, Chassis Cab, Crew Cab, & Platform Cab 


All this because every business is different.

Load area versatility

Load up


Movano’s load area is among the best-in-class. Providing easy access through wide-opening doors and up to 17.0m³ capacity. With space for up to four Euro-pallets, you can configure your vehicle for maximum capacity. Load right up to the roof-line on every model for better access. Floor and side panels provide maximum security.


Open wide


Movano will offer four different GVW ratings: 3000kg, 3300kg, 3500kg and 4000kg.


And a payload of up to 2175kg. With its strong towing power, it can haul up to 3000kg.

Load safety & bulkhead

Safe place


Space and comfort for everyone on board. Lots of stowage space including secure under-seat storage. Configure your space to your business needs. Choose a bulkhead with or without a window. Make your load safe in transit with load anchorage points.


Entertainment starts here


Enjoy digital radio, Bluetooth® and USB connectivity. Movano Pro features a 5-inch digital touchscreen with an integrated satnav.

Rear-view camera

See it all


Movano's rear-view camera makes maneuvering safer and simpler. Use the touchscreen display to see what's behind and check if your within the guidance lines. The camera automatically activates in reverse or when the rear doors are opened. Combine it with the rear parking distance sensors for extra safety.

Cabin comfort

Comfy inside


Inside is a mobile office with advanced digital connectivity. It’s also a comfortable space with room for all your crew. In the Crew Cab model, there's space for three in the front and up to four more in the back. 

Plenty of storage

Neat and tidy


Stow away your documents and tools. There’s plenty of storage in Movano's cabin. Including its glovebox and lower storage trays. Plus, its overhead storage, drinks holders and handy door pockets.

Mobile office

Office equipment


Hide the handy clipboard within the dashboard when you’re not using it. Or use it to hold a smartphone or tablet with accessory adaptors. 

Engines and transmissions

Power for the job


Movano has the power. A tough new range of Euro 6d compliant 2.2 diesel engines are available with 120PS, 140PS and 165PS outputs. Maximum torque of up to 370Nm. Slick six-speed manual gearbox.

Operating costs - Diesel

Ownership costs


Movano keeps ownership costs very competitive. Through predictable servicing, low emissions and outstanding fuel economy.

Operating costs – Electric vehicle data monitoring

Data displayed


Movano Electric uses sensors and a Vehicle Data Monitoring system. Together they provide an overview and projection of driving conditions, range and energy. Driving mode, range and charging levels are shown within the rear-view mirror. So you can keep an eye on things.  

Electronic Stability Programme (ESP)

Gripping experience


ESP improves driving stability. Along with Traction Control, it uses wheel-braking and engine-braking to limit wheelspin in the case of loss of grip. An integrated Load Adaptive Control system helps maintain the vehicle’s original course in challenging conditions.

Speed sign recognition

See the signs


Technology that keeps a lookout. Working with cruise control, this system recognises road signs and alerts the driver of local speed restrictions. Helpful.

Lane departure warning

Sight and sound


A camera above the rear-view mirror constantly monitors the road ahead. If the vehicle starts to stray out of lane, you'll hear an audio warning.


All surface control


Optional Intelligent Traction Control improves driving in tricky conditions. Simply by selecting the wheel with the most grip. The hill descent control option allows the driver to keep control on a muddy or rocky hill - without touching the accelerator.

Rear cross traffic alert

Safer reversing


The system’s sensor detects approaching vehicles behind you and sounds a warning. Making reversing out of a parking space safer.

Automatic emergency brake assist

Braking automatically


The system sounds a warning of dangerous situations up ahead. If another vehicle gets too close, braking happens automatically if the driver doesn’t react. Good back-up. 

Side blind spot alert

Seeing what you can’t


This advanced feature knows when it’s dangerous to change lanes. And warns the driver if an object or vehicle enters their blind spot. Another pair of eyes. 

Cruise control with speed limiter

Choose your speed


A smart feature that lets the driver choose a constant speed or programme the maximum speed of the vehicle. You’re in control.

Trailer safety assist

Trailer tech


Movano offers three trailer safety features:


  • Automatic Trailer Detection - checks for the presence or absence of a towed trailer
  • Trailer Length Detection - estimates a trailer’s length
  • Extended Blind Spot Alert - detects nearby vehicles in a trailer’s path when switching lanes

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