Vivaro Life Electric Features

The big family car. Up to 9 adult-sized seats. Comfortable, practical, refined.  Smart tech. Find out more.

The big family car. Up to 9 adult-sized seats. Comfortable, practical, refined.  Smart tech. Find out more.


Style with practicality


Smooth, sculpted lines. Chrome-detail headlights. The Vivaro Life Electric makes practicality stylish.


With easy access through sliding side-doors, it’s a true family-friendly car. You can even choose between two sizes: medium and large.


Your lounge on wheels

The whole family will get more out of Vivaro Life Electric’s flexible passenger area and handy storage spaces.


Able to carry up to 9 people, the car’s ergonomic seating is as snug as your lounge seats at home.


For a touch more luxury, check out our leather trim options.


Stay comfy, every journey

Easily adjustable seats. Heated front seats for cold days. Seats that relax you with a massage.


Various seating configurations. Including second-row seats you can swivel round, for face-to-face travel. 


Comfort with flexibility awaits you. Just choose which configuration suits. 


Wheels that turn heads

Eye-catching wheels come as standard with each Vivaro Life Electric model:


  • Life Combi: 16-inch steel wheels 
  • Life Design: 17-inch steel wheels with full-diameter trims
  • Life Ultimate: 17-inch bi-colour alloy wheels
Vauxhall Connect*

For peace of mind on every trip

 Say hello to your new guardian angel – Vauxhall Connect.


This set of driver assistance and security systems comes as standard with Vivaro Life Electric. It includes e-Call (for emergencies) and b-Call (for breakdowns), giving you 24/7 access to help when you need it most. 

Multimedia System

Everything you need, and more


Vivaro Life Electric’s brilliant multimedia system offers you everything at your fingertips. You can use Apple CarPlay™ or Android Auto™ to project your smartphone onto the 7-inch colour touchscreen, or pair your phone to the car via Bluetooth®.


The Vivaro Life Electric also comes with an AM/FM/DAB digital radio, allowing you to listen to hundreds of radio stations nationwide.

Satellite Navigation

Keep informed


Satellite Navigation comes as standard on Vivaro Life Electric’s Elite model. You get the choice of 2D and 3D street level mapping, plus live map updates via USB connection. With coverage across Europe, you can stay in the loop with what is ahead of you.

Vehicle Data Monitoring and e-Info

Vivaro Life Electric’s unique e-INFO instrument panel gives you an uncluttered, intuitive graphic view of energy consumption, range and charging in real-time, so you can plan your journeys with confidence and accuracy.


Vivaro Life Electric’s vehicle data monitoring uses sophisticated sensors and onboard systems to provide a detailed overview of each journey. It shows range, route conditions, and energy costs, so you can drive as efficiently as possible.

Easy access

Open up, hands-free


Need quick access to your car? The Vivaro Life Electric delivers, with nearside and offside sliding side-access doors included as standard.


Hands loaded with bags? Upgrade to the Elite model, which includes electrically operated sliding side-access doors, to give you a helping hand.

Lighting Technology

See and be seen. Always.


For your safety and peace of mind, you need to be visible at all times. In all British weathers.


That’s why Vivaro Life Electric Elite includes LED daytime running lights and powerful Xenon headlights as standard.

Keyless entry and start

No more fumbling for keys


Hands full? In a hurry? Keys at the bottom of your bag?


Now you can just get in and press a start/stop button.


The keyless entry and start system* is primed as you approach the car. So no more searching for keys.


*Available on Elite model only.

Regenerative Braking

Journeys are smooth with Vivaro Life Electric - not just for the comfort of your passengers, but for maximum energy and cost efficiency too.


As soon as you lift your foot off the accelerator, the regenerative braking system recaptures kinetic energy whilst braking and converts that power into even more range.

In its highest setting (B-Mode), most short journeys can be driven without use of traditional brakes, reducing wear and associated maintenance costs.

Emergency Brake Assist

Smart protection built-in


If you’re heading for a collision, the Emergency Brake Assist will auto-apply your brakes to avoid an accident.


It’s great to have your back covered.

Speed Sign Recognition

Keep the right speed


Checking speed signs can be stressful. So let Vivaro Life Electric do this for you. 


The handy Speed Sign Recognition feature checks for changes in the speed limit, ensuring your drive is hassle-free.

Lane Departure Warning

Keeping watch for you

If you’re drifting out of lane, the Lane Departure Warning with Lane Keep Assist will quickly alert you to this.


By spotting things you might miss, the Vivaro Life Electric keeps you and your family safer.


Stay in control on all surfaces

Whatever the surface or weather, Vivaro Life Electric has got you covered. The optional IntelliGrip system gives you extra traction on tricky surfaces like mud, sand and snow. Safe journey.

Panoramic rear-view camera 

Goodbye to neck-twisting


Reversing out of your driveway or into a tight parking space? Our clever panoramic rear-view camera provides an extra-wide view of everything behind you.


And you can see it all in front of you, on your 7-inch colour touchscreen display.

Driver Drowsiness System

Help when you need it most


Tired during a long family drive? Help is at hand.


By monitoring your driving style and time at the wheel, Vivaro Life Electric will let you know when it’s time to take a break. How reassuring is that?

Perfectly Integrated Battery

Vivaro Life Electric’s fully-electric, zero-emission powertrain comes from a powerful 50kWh lithium-ion battery providing up to a 143 mile1 range.


High energy density cells, advanced heat management and balanced chassis integration mean a long operational life, impressive range and a low centre of gravity for a stable ride.

Noise Free
The 100% electric battery and oh-so-quiet powertrain of Vivaro Life Electric delivers a relaxing and extremely smooth ride. Everyone can sit back in the luxurious cabin that makes Vivaro Life Electric a peaceful oasis on the road.
Quick & Easy Charging

Vivaro Life Electric’s fast charging won’t keep you waiting. Its high energy density 50kWh battery needs just 30 minutes to charge 80% of optimum range using any 100kW public charger^.


Onboard and home-base wallbox charging conveniently provides maximum range overnight so you’re good to go the next day. Vivaro Life Electric is the ideal clean, easy and cost-effective vehicle.

Electric Pays Off
Forget about soaring fuel prices, congestion charges, and increasing vehicle taxes. Vivaro Life Electric’s electric powertrain delivers low ownership costs, made even better by government purchase grants and incentives.

Vivaro Life Electric Dimensions

Maximum boot length (behind rear seats) (cm)
148.8 (2nd row seats)
 60.8 (3rd row seats)
Maximum boot width (cm)
Maximum boot height (cm)
Width of car (with door mirrors) (cm)
Length of car (cm)
Height of car (cm)