Vivaro Features & Specifications

More tech than ever. Improved towing capacity. Better engines. Drives like a car. Find out more about the features that set Vivaro apart.


Stylish yet practical


Smooth, sculpted lines. Dynamic stance. Chrome-detail headlights. Vivaro's looks are sleeker than ever.

You can choose from two lengths - L1 is perfect for tight city streets, while L2 provides a larger load area.


Your wheels of business


Eye-catching wheels come as standard with each Vivaro model:


  • Dynamic: 16-inch steel wheels
  • Sportive: 16-inch steel wheels with full-diameter wheel trims
  • Elite: 17-inch silver alloy wheels

Stay stylish and smart


Want to look the business, on and off the road? Choose from a range of smart colours in either Solid or Two-coat Metallic.

Flexibility / Payload

Room to manoeuvre


Flexibility's handy.

That's why our optional FlexCargo load-through offers a load length of 4m in the L2 version - along with a load volume of 6.6m3 and payload up to 1400kg.

Hands full? Open the (optional) electric sliding doors by moving your foot. Then start up, key-free.


Space that expands for you


Our optional FlexCargo feature lets you create loads more space.

Fit in two extra people with the passenger bench seat. Use the fold-flat centre seat backrest to create a table for paperwork. Turn your footwell into storage space with the foldable outer seat. And use the load-through bulkhead to carry more, and longer, materials.

Job done.

Easy Access

Open up, hands-free


Need quick, easy access to your van? Vivaro delivers.

Handy twin sliding side-access doors come as standard. You can even add electric hands-free opening, and open up with a flick of your foot. (A unique feature on vans in this class.)


Keeping your cargo safe and secure


  • Central door-locking system. Your van's your livelihood. So it's great that you can secure it by unlocking the load area independently from the cabin (and vice versa).
  • Keyless open and start. Just get in and press start - the system knows it's you. Perfect if you do multi-drop deliveries.
  • Security alarm system. The alarm is triggered by someone messing with the bonnet, doors or tailgate, or moving in the cabin area.
Consumption and emissions

More efficiency. Lower emissions.


It's un-British to boast. But here goes.

Vivaro offers class-leading CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.

That's good news for your pocket, your business and the environment.

Engines and transmission

Total efficiency


Low running costs. Reduced emissions. Maximum efficiency.

Vivaro's range of 5 energy-efficient diesel engines keeps your fuel costs way down.

Choose from up to 180PS and transmissions that range from 6-speed manual to 8-speed automatic.

Driving dynamics

Take relaxation to work with you


Vivaro makes driving a pleasure.

First, climb in and enjoy the commanding driving position. Then pull away to experience a comfy, car-like feel, with agile handling. Plus a host of driver-assistance systems that make every journey safer and less hassle.

Semi-adaptive cruise control

Keeping your distance


Give your concentration a break with semi-adaptive cruise control. It automatically lowers your speed to keep a set distance from the car ahead, then switches to your previous speed when the road's clear.

Lighting technology

See and be seen. Always.


You need to be visible at all times. In all British weathers.

The sharp, stylish look makes this van instantly recognizable.

Speed sign recognition

Keep the right speed, hassle-free


Checking speed signs can be stressful. So let Vivaro do this for you.

This handy feature checks for changes in the speed limit. Then, with a push of the button, set semi-adaptive cruise control to auto-adjust your speed as needed.

Now relax.

Head up display

Virtual clarity


The head-up display shows key driving details, such as your speed, right in your line of vision, so you can keep your eyes on the road.

No rival van offers this technology.

Vauxhall Connect

Peace of mind, every trip


Say hello to our new guardian angel - Vauxhall Connect.

This set of advanced driver safety and security systems come as standard with Vivaro. It includes e-call with automatic emergency response in case of a crash.


Top of the class


With its class-leading payload and flexible loadspace, Vivaro is built for business.

But there's more. Advanced tech that's rarely found in vans. Ergonomic seats for hard-working backs. A fold-down table and practical storage that turns your cabin into a mobile office.

No wonder Vivaro's such a competitive vehicle in its class.

Ergonomic seating

Time to relax


This spacious cabin is all about your comfort.

Vivaro's seats provide ergonomic support, featuring black vinyl side bolsters with Curitiba fabric inserts and armrests for both driver and passenger. Fully equipped for the longest of journeys. 

Emergency braking

Smart protection built-in


If you're heading for a collision, Automatic Emergency Braking will auto-apply your brakes to avoid an accident. It's great to have your back covered.

Lane keep assist

Keeping watch for you


By spotting things you might miss, Vivaro keeps you safer.


Lane Keep Assist quickly alerts you if you're drifting out of lane. And Side Blind-Sport Alert uses a visual projection on your wing mirror to alert you to vehicles in your blind spot when overtaking.

Driver drowsiness alert

Help when you need it most


Dog-tired after a working day? Happens to all of us.

By monitoring your driving style and time at the wheel, Vivaro will let you know when it's time to take a break. Could be a life-saver.


Stay in control on all surfaces


Vivaro's optional IntelliGrip system has tyres specially designed to cope with construction sites.

The system gives you extra traction on tricky surfaces like mud, sand and snow.

180° Rearview Camera

See more easily


Reversing out of your driveway or into a tight parking space?

Our clever 180° rear view camera provides an extra-wide view of everything behind you. All effortlessly seen on your dashboard sreen.


Stay connected


Using Apple CarPlay™ or Android Auto™, you can project your smartphone onto the 7-inch IntelliLink touchscreen. Now your contacts, music and phone sat-nav are at your fingertips.

Multimedia Navi Pro

From A to B with no fuss


To top it off, smart navigation with Multimedia Navi Pro gets you from A to B with ease.