Petrol Engines


Economical, efficient, powerful – by design

Whether you’re a company car driver, running a fleet of vehicles or a private buyer, we know you need the most economical and efficient cars to help you improve fuel consumption, as well as keep CO2 emissions, Company Car Tax and Whole Life Costs as low as possible.

Our range of ecoTEC ‘Whisper Diesel’ and Turbo petrol engines is designed to offer you our highest mpg and lowest emission cars, with the longest range, and all while continuing to fuel driving enjoyment and powerful engine performance.

Working in synergy with our range of Turbo and non-Turbo petrol engines, ecoTEC technology makes every journey ultra-efficient.

They offer seriously lowered fuel consumption and emissions to keep running costs and tax bills to a minimum.


The advantages don't stop there: there's no sacrifice in performance either. So you can achieve a powerful driving experience without compromise.


Three-cylinder 1.0l petrol engine 

Available on our Astra ecoTEC models, the ultra-efficient turbocharged 1.0i petrol engine offers exceptionally smooth power delivery combined with excellent fuel efficiency and low CO2 emissions.

Take the award-winning Astra 1.0i ecoTEC. With low CO2 emissions  and super-efficient fuel economy - ecoTEC delivers useful financial savings.

Four-cylinder 1.5l petrol engine 

Choose the Insignia ecoTEC and the turbocharged 1.5 litre petrol engine delivers 140PS, with 250Nm of torque available from 2000rpm. You can always rely on ecoTEC to lower your fuel bills. And with low CO2 emissions, Company Car Drivers will see a competitive BiK rate.

ecoTEC fuel saving features 

Our ecoTEC Turbo petrol engines benefit from Vauxhall’s cutting edge Start/Stop technology. The system turns the engine off when stopping at lights or in traffic and restarts once the clutch is depressed, cutting emissions and saving fuel.

Our Brake Energy Regeneration uses energy recovered from braking, improving overall efficiency.