Adapt Your Car


Whichever Vauxhall car you choose on the Motability Scheme, we understand you may need to adapt your vehicle so it’s fit for your specific needs. That way you’ll get the best out of your motoring experience, whether you’re a driver or passenger.  

Hand Controls

To help control the speed of your vehicle you can choose to install a manual push/pull device next to your steering wheel.

Alternatively, there are a range of light touch electronic accelerators should you need a device that takes less effort than the push/pull controls. 

Steering Aid

Combining a steering ball with your hand controls will allow you to steer your vehicle with one hand and operate the controls with the other.

A remote control device will then assist with operating indicators, windscreen wipers, headlights etc. if you find these difficult to reach.

Left Foot Accelerator

These devices are ideal if you are unable to comfortably use the standard accelerator due to limited mobility in your right leg.

Both options allow you to control speed with your left foot. One allows for the original accelerator to be uncovered if you share driving with your carer.

General Aids

To simply operate your indicators you can add an indicator switch to your hand controls. An easy release handbrake may also provide assistance.

If you have difficulty reaching your foot pedals while driving you can bring these closer to you with extensions for comfort and control.

Car Boot Hoist

Depending on the size or weight of your wheelchair or scooter you’ll need 2 or 4-way hoist.

It’s important for you to speak to one of our accredited adaptation partners to ensure you choose the correct vehicle for a hoist to function.

Electric Person Hoist

This hoist is designed to lift you safely into your vehicle. The sling stays underneath you once you’re seated ready for the end of your journey.

The mount is a permanent feature. However, the frame can be removed and stowed in the boot. The hoist is operated at the touch of a button.


Our Motability accredited car adaption partners

At Vauxhall Motability, we have a large number of partners who offer expert guidance on how your vehicle can be converted.

A wide range of car adaptation options are available on the Motability Scheme. Many of these are at no extra cost. 

Independent mobility assessment and test drive

We recommend that you have a consultation at an independent Driving Mobility Assessment Centre.

These are staffed by occupational therapists and technical specialists who will advise you on the vehicles and adaptations which are right for your driving and mobility needs.  

You will also be able to test drive a car from our Motability car range.

Test drive adapted cars at The Big Event and One Big Day Events

You can test drive adapted cars, both as a driver or passenger, to see which vehicles best suit your needs.


  • These are fitted with popular driving adaptations including hand controls, electronic trigger accelerators and left foot accelerators.
  • There will be professional driving instructors to accompany you on your test drive - making sure you feel as safe as possible.
  • To avoid disappointment, please ensure you bring the photocard part of your full UK driving licence to present to the test drive team.  


To book a test drive, simply visit the test drive booking desk at any one of the events where your driving licence will be checked and your booking confirmed.