Driving Experience

Driving Pleasure

Driving modes to suit you

Sport mode

Have more fun. Switch to the Sport mode. It delivers livelier driving dynamics and makes the Corsa-e more responsive. But the regenerative braking system stores kinetic energy in the battery to help improve range.


Feel the power with up to 300bhp at the touch of a pedal with Grandland X Hybrid, and increase responsiveness with Sport mode.



Go even further

The Eco mode turns your Corsa-e into a long-distance runner. The car’s systems are switched for maximum energy efficiency. And the regenerative braking system stores kinetic energy in the battery to help you travel further.

Go the distance

Select Normal drive mode and the Corsa-e will take you up to 209 miles without re-charging.1 More than enough for day-to-day journeys in a car that’s fun to drive in the city, to festivals or wherever the road takes you. And with our regenerative braking system storing extra energy in the battery as you go, your range is boosted even more.


In Grandland X Hybrid you can drive up to 35 miles2 in pure electric mode. Or, select hybrid mode and the car will auto-select the most efficient driving more. 

What factors influence range?

Just like petrol, your electric car’s range will change based on things like road characteristics, weather conditions, driving style and the load you’re carrying. Knowing what can change your range will help you get the most out of every single charge. And the same can be applied to petrol cars too.

Driving Style

The two factors that affect your range the most are your speed and your acceleration. To become an electric pro, follow this advice and get some serious range.


  • Avoid harsh braking
  • Turn off Sport Mode when you don’t need it
  • Drive at a moderate speed and avoid unnecessary acceleration
  • When motorway driving, follow a vehicle that drives consistently, like a lorry, at a safe distance
  • When planning your route, try to avoid large, steep hills

What You Carry

The more weight you add to your journey, the more charge you’ll use.


  • Remove accessories you don’t use
  • Make sure there’s no unneeded stuff on the back seats or in the boot
  • If you’re not using your roof rack, take it off. It’s a real drag

Your Tyre Pressure

Making sure your tyres are at the right pressure will really help you go far. Flatter tyres burn up energy and decrease the distance you can cover with a full charge.


Check your tyre pressure at least once a month and before long journeys. You’ll find the recommended pressure in your vehicle’s handbook.


If they’re low, head to your nearest service station and top-up to the recommended levels.

How far do you actually drive?

Understandably, none of us want to worry about how far our car will go before needing a re-charge

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