What is Personal Contract Hire?


Personal Contract Hire is a simple lease agreement that gives you the ability to regularly change cars and avoid the decreases in value that owning a car outright normally results in. 


Similar to a standard home rental contract, there is no option to buy the vehicle at the end of your term. You simply hand it back to the rental company and are then free to enter another agreement. Do watch out for any damage made to the vehicle during your contract, as you may be charged for this by the rental company when you return the vehicle. 


When entering a lease agreement, you will asked to choose your desired term length and anticipated annual mileage. A combination of these factors will determine the cost of the monthly payments. 


A benefit of Personal Contract Hire is that your Road Fund License will be paid for throughout the duration of your lease, and all Personal Contract Hire plans at Vauxhall come with RAC Roadside Assistance provided for the first year of your lease, with the option also of adding regular vehicle maintenance to your contract.

Comparing Finance Options

The table below highlights the key differences and similarities between the finance products available at your local Vauxhall Retailer.
Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) Conditional Sale Personal Contract Hire
New Cars

Used Cars

Upfront Payment Optional Optional
Monthly Payments

Damage Charges ✓*

Excess Mileage Charges ✓*

Depreciation Risk X
Road Tax Included X X
Vehicle Ownership Option to buy**
Owned at the end of the term No option to buy
Maintenance Package X X

* Damage and excess mileage charges are only payable if the vehicle is handed back

** If you pay the Optional Final Payment, you will take ownership of the car at the end of the contract

† A maintenance package is available for an additional fee