Helpful Tips


Buying a car is a big decision 

That's why we've put this guide together. Keep its advice in mind so you can make your choice with confidence. We've split the guide into four easy to read sections.   

Test Drive Tips

Buying a new vehicle is a major investment – so take a test drive and ensure your future vehicle meets your needs. Here’s a list of things to consider when you visit your Retailer:


  • Bring your driver's licence (and for anyone else who will test-drive the car)
  • Arrange your test drive in advance to avoid busy times
  • Take your time to get comfortable and adjust the seat, steering column, mirrors etc.
  • Ensure you feel confident with the layout of the controls, including wipers, indicators and lights, before you head out on the road
  • Take your mobile device and a charging cable so you can experience Apple Play and Android Auto
  • Ask to use roads you’re familiar with, to allow you to think about the vehicle
  • Make sure you cover all the road types you regularly use: ‘A’ roads, country roads etc.
  • Take your family: make sure it's not just the driver who will be happy
  • Make sure you try everyday manoeuvres like reversing and parking
  • Ensure all intended drivers can test the vehicle
  • See how easy it is to find key points under the bonnet
  • If the car you try isn't the exact specification you’re looking for, make sure you get an explanation of the differences.