Air Conditioning Cleaning


Stay cool, whatever the weather

Keep cool and comfortable in your new Vauxhall with air conditioning. Not only keeping you comfortable but safe, too. 


To maintain the cool temperatures, and keep you and your passengers safe and healthy, the air conditioning system needs regular maintenance, including:


·         Cleaning

·         Disinfection of the system

·         Regular replacement of the filter


For hay fever sufferers, the cabin particulate filter is there to help on hot summer days. Even better, and for cleaner air, you can replace the particulate filter with a carbon combination filter, which captures approximately 90% of all harmful substances ensuring fresh, clean air. This new carbon combi filter is fitted as standard in a number of new Vauxhall’s.


With Vauxhall, you’ll be ‘just right’ whatever the weather.

For more information, please contact your nearest Vauxhall Retailer.