How Much Does It Cost to Charge an Electric Car?



July 2022

How much does it cost to charge an electric car?


If you’re thinking about choosing an electric car for your next vehicle, charging is likely top of your list of things to learn more about before you decide.


In this guide, we’ll cover how much it costs to charge an electric car both at home and away, so you can see what your finances will look like once you switch to electric driving. You might just save more than you think!



How much does it cost to charge an electric car at home?


With an electric vehicle, there’s no leaving the house early to stop off at a petrol station on your way to work. Providing you have an electric charger installed at home, your car can be charging while you’re sleeping, so it’s ready to go as soon as you need it.


How much it costs to charge your electric car at home will depend on the electricity tariff that you’re on. However, the average in the UK is £0.14 per kWh. To put that in perspective, you’d be able to fully charge the Corsa-e for just £7.


It could cost you even less to charge your electric car at home, as some energy suppliers offer lower electricity tariffs at off-peak times. For example, overnight charging with British Gas could be as low as £0.047 per kWh, which would work out at just £2.35 for a full charge for your Corsa-e!



How much does an electric car charger installation cost?


You can charge your electric car using a standard three-pin plug socket but charging will take significantly longer than if you had a dedicated electric car charger at your property.


Having an electric car charging point installed at home will usually cost around £800, although this can vary depending on the type of point you choose as well as any grants you may be eligible for.


The good news is that there are many offers and incentives that you can take advantage of. Here at Vauxhall, we’re offering a free home charging wallbox (including installation) with every new electric vehicle purchase.


Find out more about our Plug & Go offer, which includes other benefits like 8 years roadside assistance and battery warranty, as well as 3 years free servicing.



How much does it cost to charge an electric car at a charging station?


Charging your car at home is handy, but what about when you’re out and about? How much will topping up your charge cost you at a public charging point?


Rapid chargers can usually be found at motorway service stations. As the name suggests, they’re one of the fastest ways to charge your vehicle. Usually, a 30-minute charge (which will give you around 90 miles) will cost around £6.50.


For a Corsa-e, a full charge on an average rapid charger will cost around £11.50, which is still way less than the cost of a full tank of petrol or diesel!



Can I get free electric car charging?


It is also possible to charge your car for free at public charging points. For example, you may find these at your local supermarket or carpark, which you can use to charge your vehicle for the duration of your stay.



Do I need an electric car charging card?


You may have heard about electric car charging cards while researching your new vehicle. Known as RFID cards (Radio Frequency Identity Cards), these cards are used at some charging point networks to start your charge. The card is connected to an online account, which you would tap against a card reader to begin charging.


Whether you need an RFID card will depend on the charging point network you’re using. Many charging points use a network-specific app which you can download to start and pay for your charge. If you’re using this type of charging point, you’ll likely not need a RFID card.


As more networks adapt to app and website connectivity, RFID cards are becoming less common. However, if you are travelling long distances and will be charging at multiple networks throughout your journey, it may be worth having a RFID card as a backup.



Find your nearest charge point


We’ve created our Charge Point Finder which will help you find your nearest public charging point. It’s a handy tool for helping you plan which charging points you’ll visit during your journey.


The UK’s charging network is continually expanding to accommodate the mounting demand for electric vehicles. This, along with the plentiful charging options currently available, should help to quell any range anxiety you may have.


For more information about charging your electric vehicle, read our guide on how long it takes to charge an electric car.