Corsa-e Rally

Corsa-e Rally

Delivering 260Nm of torque from a standstill, the Corsa-e Rally competition car is here – and it’s ready to race.

Vauxhall’s sister brand, Opel, is proud to introduce the first all-electric rally car from a car-maker: the Corsa-e Rally.


Based on the successful Corsa-e and packing the same battery, the Corsa-e Rally boasts a low centre of gravity, excellent weight distribution and reliable performance under all conditions. It can produce 100kW (130hp) and provides up to 260Nm of torque – significantly higher than its petrol-engine predecessor, the Opel ADAM Cup.


With 50kWh energy storage capacity, this brand-cup car also offers a range of 209 miles/336 km. Drivers can switch between three battery modes for optimal rally performance:


  • Competition mode provides full power and maximum torque for at least 37 miles/60km.
  • Rain mode delivers a torque curve specially designed for slippery surfaces.
  • Eco mode is for teams to use between rally stages and for driving to service.

Ready to race

The Corsa-e Rally will compete in this year’s ADAC Opel e-Rally Cup, the world’s first rally cup for electric cars. Meanwhile, Opel Motorsport is trialling development vehicles in test-runs.

A limited number of customer vehicles are also expected to be available from Opel Motorsport at under €50,000 (£46,000).


Corsa-e Rally in action

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