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Vauxhall Electric Vans means business.

Our van range has been powering British business for decades. Now, our electric van range has quickly become the nation’s favourite, outselling all the competition, and being recognised as setting the standard  with Vivaro winning  the WHATCAR? Best medium electric Van award for 2024. Our new TV campaign celebrates our all-new electric van range - updated with a distinctive design including the iconic Vauxhall vizor and improved electric technology offering a range of up to 261 miles – it is set to continue Vauxhall’s proud tradition of powering British business.


We are also proud to be committed to building electric vans  right here in Britian. Our Combo electric van is built at our Ellesmere Port plant in Cheshire which is Britain’s first manufacturing plant dedicated solely to electric vehicles. – With class leading electric product & strong local manufacturing commitments Vauxhall is leading the charge, to energise a better Britain.

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Leading the charge

The best selling Vivaro electric is Britains favourite electric van because it offers an electric range of up to 217 miles and is the ideal commercial vehicle for every job. Now updated with a distinctive new design, Vivaro  offers electric efficiency, with cost savings on fuel, making it an environmentally-friendly, practical & stylish choice for business.


Based on SMMT data. 1st April 2023 – 31st March 2024. 5,429 Vauxhall electric van units registered. 



Made in Britain, for Britain

Vauxhall has been supporting the local community and the British economy by building vans in Britain since 1932. Combo Electric vans are made here in Britain at our Ellesmere Port plant. In fact, Ellesmere port is the UK’s first manufacturing plant dedicated solely to electric vehicles.


Vauxhall is on a mission to energise a better Britain, ensuring that everyone retains the freedom of personal mobility as the industry transitions to an all-electric future. By committing to building electric commercial vehicles here in Britian we are not only supporting British workers, but we are also making electric mobility more affordable for all.

A cleaner drive, by miles

For us, electric isn't a future trend. It's the here and now, and the centre of everything we do. 


Our electric vans produce zero NO2 emissions at the tailpipe helping us all, breathe in clearer, cleaner air and helping businesses improve the communities they serve.


Based on tailpipe carbon dioxide emission. Combo Diesel CO2 per KM starts at 136g vs Combo Electric CO2 per KM at 0g. Vivaro Diesel CO2 per KM starts at 164g vs Vivaro Electric CO2 per KM at 0g. Based on tailpipe nitrogen dioxide emissions. Combo Diesel NO2 per KM starts at 73.8g vs Combo Electric NO2 per km at 0g. Vivaro Diesel NO2 per KM starts at 42.2g vs Combo Electric NO2 per km at 0g.


Quietly Powerful

The Vauxhall Electric Van Range reduces noise pollution, supporting our movement to energise a better Britain & helping businesses to reduce the impact of their activities on local communities.


Based on stationary van that is running. Stationary Vivaro Diesel produces 81 decibels vs 0 decibels for Vivaro Electric. Stationary Combo Diesel produces 74 decibels vs 0 decibels for Combo Electric.


Discover Electric Benefits & Hydrogen Technology 

Additional benefits of Electric
  • Say goodbye to sky-high running costs and hello pocket-friendly savings when switching to electric. 
  • Take advantage of the Government grants up to £5,000 to upgrade our vans to electric.
  • No more high maintenance costs when choosing to go electric - the modern technology reduces the servicing expense as there are less moving parts to repair and replace overtime. 
Hydrogen Technology, the future of mobility

Vauxhall’s new zero emissions Vivaro-e HYDROGEN light commercial vehicle has a range of up to 249 miles, refuels in just three minutes and a cargo volume up to 6.1m3, the same as the diesel or battery electric versions.


The Vauxhall Movano HYDROGEN provides the perfect solution for drivers wanting to travel long distances emissions-in-use-free with a range of up to 311 miles (WLTP) and can be refuelled with hydrogen in only around five minutes.



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