Cost benefits

Electric Vehicle Cost Benefits

As well as helping the environment and providing an exciting driving experience, owning an electric vehicle can also reduce your costs.

Government grants

The government plans to phase out petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030, so they’ve put together a package of grants for electric drivers.


For starters, you’ll get £2,500 off an 100% electric car. For electric vans, it's 35% of the purchase price up to £3,000 for small vans and 35% of the purchase price up to £6,000 for large vans. And your Vauxhall Retailer will sort all the grant paperwork for you.

More information about the government grant
Vauxhall Plug & Go
Our Plug & Go offer helps you to save when making the switch to electric, with a free home charging wallbox and installation, 8 years roadside assistance, 8 years battery warranty, 3 years servicing and a 6 month free subscription to BP Pulse, the UK’s largest public charging network.
Electricity vs Petrol/Diesel

You’ll spend less charging up your vehicle with electricity than you would filling it up with petrol or diesel.


The average cost of electricity in UK homes is £0.14kW, which means a full charge on a Corsa-e using your home wallbox would cost just £7.00. That could be even lower if you went for an electricity tariff that gave you preferential electricity rates when charging your vehicle overnight.

Lower maintenance costs
An electric vehicle has fewer parts than a petrol or diesel vehicle. There’s no exhaust, fuel delivery systems, oil filters, gears or clutches to wear out, replace or maintain. So there’s less work to do when servicing the vehicle, and less that can go wrong on the road. That leads to lower maintenance costs for you. That’s got to be good.
No congestion charges

Low or zero emission electric vehicles pay less in Clean Air Zones in the UK and the Ultra-Low Emission Zone in London.


Cities such as Bath or Birmingham have introduced ‘Clean Air Zones’ meaning, if you’re driving an electric or hybrid vehicle in these areas, you’ll pay less. Find out more about Clean Air Zones.


Many local councils also offer electric drivers free parking, reduced Residents’ Parking permits, access to bus lanes and even free electricity. Check with your local council to find out more.

£0 road tax
Choose a low-emission vehicle and you’ll save on tax. All 100% electric cars (costing under £40,000) pay £0 car tax, while plug-in hybrids get a £10 discount. There are other tax savings, too. 

Total cost of ownership calculator


Compare costs between electric vehicles, and traditional petrol and diesel vehicles.