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Vauxhall has gone electric.

We're on a mission to build electric cars for everyone.


Home charging offer

To help make the switch to electric easier, we offer an ownership package with a 7kW wall box.


The Smart Solo 7kW charger, provided by Pod Point, offers fast and reliable home charging. It comes with a free 5 year warranty.


This will allow you to plug in your electric vehicle overnight and wake up the next day powered up and ready to start your day.


Am I eligible?


Yes as long as you’re eligible for the OLEV Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme.


  • You must have dedicated off-street parking
  • You haven’t already claimed a grant for your vehicle


To find out more, visit Pod Point


What happens after I apply?


Once all the OLEV paperwork is done, Pod Point aims to schedule an installation date within 10 working days. It usually takes about 2/3 hours to install the home charger. 


Only available on Corsa-e. A standard installation is included in the offer.

Government grants for electric drivers
The government wants to help us switch to electric vehicles. So they’ve put together a package of grants for drivers. For starters, you could get up to £3,000 off a 100% electric car. And your Vauxhall Retailer will do all the grant paperwork for you. 
More good news.  You could get a grant of up to £350 towards installing an authorised home charging unit. It’s the quickest and safest way to charge your vehicle.
Help for electric workplaces
The Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) offers help to eligible businesses, charities and public sector organisations. They could receive up to £350 per socket towards the cost of installing electric charge points. To qualify, there must be dedicated off-street parking for staff. 
Pay less tax
Choose a low-emission vehicle and you’ll save on tax. All 100% electric cars (costing under £40,000) pay £0 car tax, while plug-in hybrids get a £10 discount. There are other tax savings, too. 
Recharge a plug-in vehicle at home and you’ll only pay 5% VAT on your electricity. Compare that to 20% on road fuels. And company car drivers also get a break. The ‘Benefit in Kind’ (BiK) rate for electric vehicles emitting 50g/km of CO2 or less is just 16% for 2019/20. 
Lower local charges

Low or zero emission electric vehicles pay less in Clean Air Zones in the UK and the Ultra Low Emission Zone in London.


Many local councils also offer electric drivers free parking, reduced Residents’ Parking permits, access to bus lanes and even free electricity. Check with your local council to find out more.


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