Vauxhall Care


Enjoy peace-of-mind motoring wherever the road may take you.

Vauxhall Care is available on all cars under 10 months old and includes
3 years' Vauxhall servicing - covers first, second and third annual services (includes brake-fluid change at second service)
2 years' Vauxhall Roadside Assistance - first year free from Vauxhall (this excludes Electric and Hybrid models as they come with 8 years cover as standard)
1st MOT* free - free of charge, carried out by your Vauxhall Retailer.
For 3 years of cover you pay 35 payments of
Petrol cars
 £19 per month
Diesel cars  £22 per month
Electric & Hybrid cars
 £10 per month
Vauxhall Care is a great solution to save you money and to give you complete reassurance.
Your Vauxhall Care
3 years’ Vauxhall servicing

Covers first, second and third annual services.

(Includes brake-fluid change at second service.)

2 years’ Vauxhall Roadside Assistance First year free from Vauxhall.
First year’s MOT*
Free of charge, carried out by your Vauxhall Retailer. 

For 3 years of cover, you pay just £19 a month (petrol cars) or £22 a month (diesel cars) for 35 months. Available on cars under 10 months old.

We call it peace-of-mind motoring. And we think you’ll be more reassured than ever.

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