Finance Options


Buy a van that means business

When you’re on the hunt for a van, you need the right tool for the job. A key requirement is that it can handle the size and weight of your goods. We have a wide range of options, from panel vans and double cabs to factory-built and bespoke conversions. And the right aftersales service to keep your business running. 


So we've put this simple guide together to help you decide what’s important and create a shortlist.

How you finance your van can be crucial to your bottom line. So explore the different finance options on the market based on how you want to account for your van within your business.


On book – this is where your van is registered against the business as an asset by an outright purchase or HP agreement.


Off book – here the van isn’t registered against the business. It could be a contract hire or a leasing agreement.

On book

Outright purchase


This could be with or without a HP agreement. Buying means there are no mileage restrictions or contracts. And no third-parties involved. You can also sell your vehicle at any time.

Off book

Contract hire


A great worry-free option that lets you just get on with business. There’s no capital outlay, admin, road tax payments or depreciation. You don’t even have to sell your van. It’s all sorted for you. That’s all on top of the following:


  • No large upfront payments 
  • Affordable monthly payments – easy to budget 
  • Maintained contracts available 
  • No disposal risk on costs or admin 
  • VED (road tax) is included across the contract 
  • No admin – handled by the lease company 

Finance lease

This is where you pay monthly and make a final outstanding payment. You can choose how much this is. The higher it is, the lower your monthly payments. And when the agreement ends, you can do one of three things:


  • Sell to a third party and pay off the outstanding amount
  • Ask your finance provider to sell it for you
  • Continue on a peppercorn rental