Helpful Tips


Buy a van that means business

When you’re on the hunt for a van, you need the right tool for the job. A key requirement is that it can handle the size and weight of your goods. We have a wide range of options, from panel vans and double cabs to factory-built and bespoke conversions. And the right aftersales service to keep your business running. 


So we've put this simple guide together to help you decide what’s important and create a shortlist.

Test drive tips

Buying a new van is a big investment. So take a test drive and see if the van you’ve got in mind measures up. Here’s a list of things to consider when you visit your Retailer.


  • Take your time to get comfortable and adjust the seat, steering column, mirrors etc.
  • Before you head out on the road, check the layout of the controls including wipers, indicators and lights.
  • If you’ve got a particular use for your van, make sure you check it out with that in mind.
  • See how it handles on the road and try everyday manoeuvres like reversing and parking.
  • Make sure all intended drivers can test drive the vehicle. Ask them what they thought. 
  • Take your MP3 player, phone and/or CDs with you to test the car's music system.
  • Ask to use roads you’re familiar with, so you can drive confidently and see how the van performs.
  • Drive on all the road types you regularly use (‘A’ roads, country roads etc) to make sure you’re comfortable.


One final thing. 


Think ahead. You may need more space in future if your business grows, so choose a van with that in mind.