What Changes In My Circumstances Do I Need To Notify?

What changes in my circumstances do I need to tell you about?

Please let us know about any changes to the information in your statement of insurance, certificate or schedule of insurance. This includes (but isn't limited to) changes that relate to your policy document details. For example:


• Replacing your vehicle with another one

• Modifications or non-standard accessories, including changes to the engine, suspension, brakes, body, exhaust or wheels

• Ownership or use of the vehicle

• The address where any documentation needs to be sent

• The address where the vehicle is usually kept overnight

• People who'll be driving the vehicle

• Driving convictions relating to any of the insured drivers, other than fixed-penalty parking offences

• Motor accidents, claims or losses of any insured driver

• Medical or physical condition changes that affect the ability to drive of any insured driver

• The level of motor insurance cover required

• The class of use required

• Adding or cancelling Motor Legal Protection

• Any other information on which the motor insurance is based (in other words, the details you gave when you applied for the insurance)


It's important you tell us straightaway about any change to your policy, or your cover may become invalid. This could result in you not being insured, or claims being rejected.


If you're unsure whether we need to be informed, please check with us.