What Are The Lifetime Warranty Terms And Conditions?

What are the Lifetime Warranty terms and conditions?

Our Lifetime Warranty is valid for the first registered owner of a Vauxhall bought at an authorised Vauxhall Retailer on or after 1 August 2010. It starts from the date of delivery by the Retailer or date of first registration, whichever comes first.


Our new-vehicle warranty will cover your car for 3 years / 60,000 miles. Once it exceeds this, the Lifetime Warranty kicks in, as long as your car is:


  • Taken each year to an Authorised Vauxhall Repairer, who activates and validates the warranty extension for another year.
  • Serviced in line with our recommended schedules and using genuine Vauxhall parts, including oils.


Please ensure you keep all records and copies of invoices.