What Work Is Done During A Vauxhall Service?

What work is done during a Vauxhall service?

We offer both an Interim Service and the Main Service:


  • An Interim Service (which is the vehicle's 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th (etc) annual service) will usually consist of an oil and filter change, fluid-level checks (anti-freeze/coolant, brake/clutch fluid, power-steering fluid - if applicable - and screenwash top-up), a visual leak check, tyre pressure check and adjustment if needed, wash-wipe system check and adjust, lighting check, brake check, suspension check and a road test, as well as a few other checks. You'll normally receive a copy of the checklist that was filled out during the service.


  • The Main Service (the vehicle’s 2nd, 4th, 6th (etc) service) is more extensive. This has all the Interim Service checks along with extra ones, such as a drive-belt inspection, pollen filter replacement, brake, fuel and exhaust line inspection, headlamp alignment check, and parking brake check and adjust.


Further checks are recommended over different distances or time periods. These include a timing-belt check, fuel-filter change (depending on the engine), brake-fluid change and spark-plug replacement (petrol vehicles only). These items normally involve extra cost.