*All OnStar services and WiFi services will cease to be available on December 31st, 2020.
  • Automatic Crash Response
  • 24H Emergency Call Service
  • Stolen Vehicle Assistance
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Wi-Fi
  • Smartphone App
  • Hotel Booking
  • Find Parking
  • Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Destination Download
  • Set your own pin
  • Mask your car’s location
  • Personal data

All OnStar services and WiFi services will cease to be available on December 31st, 2020. Last date for OnStar 12 months free trial* is November 30th, 2019.
*excluding WiFi service

Onstar Real Life Stories


Your Privacy

There’s only one person who decides what OnStar can and can’t do.


That’s you.



Drive with total peace of mind – on every trip. Accidents may happen, but OnStar is always there for you. Even if you can’t call for help. READ MORE SHOW LESS

Emergency Call Service

Dizziness. Fainting. Palpitations. If you or your passengers (or even a passer-by) need medical help, we’re there for you. READ MORE SHOW LESS

Stolen Vehicle Assistance

Has your car been stolen? Don’t despair – we can help the police find it. Team up with OnStar to chase the thieves down. READ MORE SHOW LESS

Breakdown? OnStar!

Broken down on the roadside at night? With your mobile out of juice? Just press the OnStar Service button for roadside assistance. READ MORE SHOW LESS



Fast internet is a part of our lives. So why not have it on the road? You’ll love how much more convenient and fun it is to travel with a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Smartphone App

How far before I need to fill up? Is my tyre pressure okay? Er… Where did I park my car?


Now you can find out with your smartphone – before you even step out the front door.


Hotel Booking

Change of plans? Too tired to keep driving? Let our advisors take care of your hotel booking1 en route. Just press the blue Service button.

Find Parking

The days of crawling around a city in search of a parking space are finally over. At the touch of a button, our advisors will find a location for you.1

Vehicle Diagnostics

Check your car’s health without looking - call OnStar.

Warning light on the dashboard? Something not right about the car? Call us.

Destination Download

Searching for a specific restaurant? Or the nearest petrol station?


No prob. With Destination Download1 you’re always one step ahead.

Important Information about OnStar Services