How Do I Clean My Diesel Particulate Filter?

How do I clean my diesel particulate filter? (the filter light has illuminated)

The diesel particulate filter system in your Vauxhall filters harmful soot particles out of exhaust gases. It includes a self-cleaning function that runs automatically during driving when the filter needs cleaning. This can take up to 25 minutes and fuel consumption may be higher during this time. You may also notice an emission of odours and smoke and an increase in heat, which is a normal part of the process.


The control indicator ('!') will flash if the diesel particulate filter needs cleaning and your previous journey hasn’t enabled automatic cleaning. If this happens, just carry on driving, keeping your engine speed above 2,000 revolutions per minute and shifting down if necessary. The filter-cleaning process will start - and we recommend you don't stop the journey or switch off the engine until it's finished.


If the cleaning process is repeatedly interrupted:


  1. Your engine may be damaged. Cleaning takes the shortest amount of time at high engine speeds and loads, and the control indicator light ('!') will turn off as soon as self-cleaning is complete.
  2. Diesel fuel will pass into the sump and you'll notice a higher oil level when you check it. (This is one reason to check your oil level regularly.) For short journeys, please check more often and, if you find your oil level has increased, change the oil.


For more about the diesel particulate filter, please refer to your Owners’ Manual.