What's The Difference Between NEDC And WLTP?

What's the difference between NEDC and WLTP?

Since the introduction of NEDC in 1992, cars and driving styles have changed quite a bit. The WLTP test parameters have been redefined to reflect real conditions more closely. They now include:


  • Longer cycle times (30 min v. 20 min)
  • Shorter stopping times (13% v. 25%)
  • Longer distances (about 23 km/14 miles v. 11 km/6 miles)
  • Higher speeds (maximum 130 km/h or 80 mph vs 120 km/h or 75 mph)
  • Almost 50% higher average speeds
  • Higher maximum acceleration and more acceleration phases
  • Approximately 20-30% higher driving power, based on the more dynamic driving situations
  • More realistic calculation of driving resistance for fuel consumption tests
  • Consideration of optional equipment in the vehicle


The values obtained with WLTP are comparable worldwide, while the NEDC values are only valid in Europe.