Vauxhall Astra Takes First Place In Fleet World WLTP Challenge



The WLTP Challenge was introduced by leading UK fleet magazine and website, Fleet World, to test vehicles’ real-world fuel efficiency, while proving to individual motorists and fleet drivers that this is accurately reflected in manufacturers’ official figures. Starting and finishing in Bristol, with a tour through the Midlands, the one-day economy driving event provides comprehensive results to help buyers make an informed decision about their next purchase.



Across a distance of 215 miles, the Vauxhall Astra was truly put to the test, driving through everyday routes designed to simulate a typical journey for an employee visiting clients on business. In a battle between 21 vehicles, the Astra came out on top. The Astra was piloted by Vauxhall’s resident eco-driving expert, Andrew Duerden.



Martyn Collins, Editor of Fleet World, said: “The Astra’s remarkable 85mpg performance in the WLTP Challenge just goes to show what can be achieved by an experienced driver allied to an already inherently efficient vehicle. Buyers can have confidence that Vauxhall’s hatchback will achieve or exceed its official 60.1mpg figure in everyday driving. The fact that the Astra is RDE2-compliant is another welcome benefit, removing the four per cent surcharge for fleet buyers.”



With an all-new powertrain line-up, the latest version of the Astra is more efficient than ever. Its diesel models produce CO2 emissions as low as 90g/km. This allows company car drivers to benefit from further savings, thanks to reduced BiK tax.



One of the UK’s top-selling and best-loved cars, the Astra is a household name for British car buyers with over three million sold in the UK over the last 40 years, including over 30,000 in 2018. More than 25 per cent of British motorists have either owned or driven an Astra, so reaction to a model with significant revisions will always be felt across the market. Building on the wide success of the outgoing model, customers will benefit from reduced CO2 and fuel consumption, as well as a series of class-leading technology and equipment.



The new Astra is on sale now, with the first cars available in showrooms next month.