Vauxhall Celebrates Double Win At 2022 Driving Electric Awards


14 December 2021
  •        Vauxhall Vivaro-e named ‘Best Medium Electric Van’ at 2022 DrivingElectric Awards
  •        All-new Combo-e also named ‘Best Small Electric Van’ by DrivingElectric
  •        Vauxhall can offer fleets an electric variant across its entire LCV range today
  •        Vauxhall is the UK’s number one electric van brand
  •        By 2028, Vauxhall will only sell fully electric cars and vans


Luton – Vauxhall celebrated a double win at the 2022 DrivingElectric Awards, with its fully electric light commercial vehicle range continuing to earn praise from industry experts. The Vauxhall Combo-e was named ‘Best Small Electric Van’ for 2022, while the Vivaro-e took home the ‘Best Medium Electric Van’ title.  


The awards come at a time when Vauxhall is one of few manufacturers in the UK able to offer fleets and businesses a fully electric variant across its entire LCV portfolio. By 2024, Vauxhall will offer electrified variants across its entire vehicle line-up, and is committed to selling electric-only vehicles from 2028 onwards.  


DrivingElectric praised the Vauxhall Vivaro-e for its availability with two battery choices, and a range of up to 205 miles (WLTP) from a single charge. The Vivaro-e also shares an identical 6.6m3 of load capacity with its diesel counterpart. Capable of supporting 100kW rapid charging, the Vivaro-e is ideal for fleets and businesses.


Richard Ingram, Editor, DrivingElectric, said: “The Vauxhall Vivaro-e is one of the best commercial vehicles you can buy. The Vivaro-e not only feels like a car to drive, it charges like one, too; 100kW is standard across the range.

With a choice of batteries and a maximum volume of 6.6m3, it’s an incredibly talented electric van.”


The Combo-e took home the Best Small Electric Van award, impressing judges with its practicality and performance. The Combo-e can also be purchased as a seven-seat passenger variant, the Combo-e Life.


Richard Ingram added: “The Vauxhall Combo-e raises the bar when it comes to small electric vans. Excellent performance, versatility and charging performance make this a commercial vehicle suitable for the many, not the few. The fact it’s also available with seven seats for eco-conscious family buyers, is the icing on the cake.”


Paul Willcox, Managing Director, Vauxhall, said: “We would like to thank the judges at DrivingElectric for recognising the All-New Combo and Vivaro-e at the 2022 DrivingElectric Awards. As a British brand, I’m proud to see Vauxhall is leading the electrification of the UK van market. Vauxhall is all about democratising access to electrified vehicles and by offering an all-electric version of each of our vans, we hope to further help reduce in-use emissions and bring the lower running costs and user experience of driving electric to even more businesses."


The DrivingElectric awards come after Vauxhall saw similar success at last week’s 2022 What Van? Awards, with both Combo-e and Vivaro-e taking home similar category wins.